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SME Instrument and Life Science – are they compatible with each other?

SME Instrument is a fantastic funding opportunity for small and medium-sized companies from a variety of fields and industries.

The proposal is submitted. What happens now?

After a long period of intensive work, the proposal is finally sent to the European Commission. A feeling of relief, soon to be replaced by many questions.

It is not only about the money! 8 reasons to apply for the SME Instrument funding

The SME Instrument funding is not easy money, as the success rate is rather low; 8,4% for Phase 1 projects and 5,4% for Phase 2 projects.

Let’s avoid black holes, Okay?

When I finished my studies, I felt an irresistible desire to get to know the world a little better.

What most companies miss in their projects

Almost without exception, clients are always a backer of their own idea and hence their worst reviewer. Therefore, writing a project is a struggle between two opposite points of view.

Competition is key: This is how to do a proper market analysis

To win the bid in the H2020 SME Instrument you need to compete. By competing, I mean preparing the perfect proposal, one which will help you “beat the competition”.

Here’s how to categorize innovation

The word “Innovation” comes with many names. In today’s technology-driven world, it is probably one of the most overused terms describing a product, service, process, or any other phenomenon that appears to be new for a given set of stakeholders.

Before you make the decision to apply

Getting an application granted within the SME instrument means receiving huge amounts of money and gaining a lot of prestige. It is therefore no wonder that so many SMEs want to apply and try their luck.

Innovation Management: How to manage Innovations

That one eureka moment, which gives birth to a truly innovative idea, is a rare phenomenon. An Idea with the potential to disrupt the status quo.

Dissemination & communication: Hear me roar!

Seen from a wider perspective, neglecting dissemination & communication activities seems to be an inherent streak of SMEs

Who is evaluating the proposals

In an almost Eurovision song contest-like manner, there is a table listing all the countries affiliated with the evaluators.

Chosing the right topic

Are you an innovative SME company interested in applying to the SME Instrument but feel insecure about which topic best fits your innovation project? Don’t worry!