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Laser-like focus on return on capital? A revamped project selection procedure

The SME Instrument is a highly competitive programme with a limited budget. Convincing the experts evaluators about your idea is a very demanding task (only a few percent of projects receive a grant)

Seal of Excellence – a consolation prize or a real deal?

Even if the SME Instrument application only resulted in a Seal of Excellence (SoE) it is important to remember the following. As long as there is a true innovative core and a significant business potential in the project, there is a variety...

Twinkle, twinkle little star…

Planets, stars and galaxies have always fascinated human imagination but only recent generations can boast about living in the Age of Space.

The proposal is submitted. What happens now?

After a long period of intensive work, the proposal is finally sent to the European Commission. A feeling of relief, soon to be replaced by many questions.

Let’s avoid black holes, Okay?

When I finished my studies, I felt an irresistible desire to get to know the world a little better.

Here’s how to categorize innovation

The word “Innovation” comes with many names. In today’s technology-driven world, it is probably one of the most overused terms describing a product, service, process, or any other phenomenon that appears to be new for a given set of stakeholders.

Dissemination & communication: Hear me roar!

Seen from a wider perspective, neglecting dissemination & communication activities seems to be an inherent streak of SMEs